Projects as simple as business cards all the way up to full-featured websites require careful planning and organization. We take methodical steps to ensure there is continuity between the design and project requirements. Each job has its own unique set of stipulations, like color-separations for screen printing or template layouts for CD jewel cases and booklets. Let us take confusion out of the equation for you, we specialize in a very wide variety of products so you don't have to.

The collaborative nature of design requires an open channel of communication between the client and the designer. We provide proofs and mockups, including 3d product renderings, to help you visualize the final product. Iteration until perfection. We have cooperative partnerships with various printing and packaging facilities to help you take the final steps if needed.



Our studio is adaptable to many different types of photographic jobs. Full length fashion, product, commercial, headshot, etc. are all things we can do in-house. We also do extensive shooting on location, depending on the look desired we can leverage natural light or bring our studio to the set, powering strobes and hot lights with our portable power supplies and generators.

Post-production is a critical step in the modern photographic workflow and we offer our retouching services for your own images. Blemishes, scenery enhancement, skin smoothing, teeth whitening... you name it. Retouching is equally important for real estate photography as they are for headshots. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on the process or how best we can help you achieve your goals.



DSP Media offers a unique service that is customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you are interested in having us shoot your own video content or you want us to create a new piece incorporating existing video footage, we can customize a solution that is right for you. Our design abilities pair nicely with video post-production, creating graphics and treatments that can help convey your story effectively to the intended audience.

Color timing is an often overlooked portion of the post-production workflow. Tweaking color can bring an extra dimension to a project, giving a specific feel to the atmosphere of the production. Using specially designed software we can shape the colors until what is on the screen matches exactly what you had in mind. These adjustments can bring a cinematic feel to otherwise vanilla footage.

If you need a place to read your auditions, we are here for you. We charge a flat hourly to read lines, capture the footage, and do simple editing. The final files will be compressed and delivered to you or your agent.



Our Studio1 is a world class recording facility, the heart of which is a Fairlight Xynergi console with XE-6 sidecars. This amazing tool lets us do things with audio and video that other DAWs can only dream about. Its power lies in its efficiency, being able to call up and work with 96 tracks in real-time while mixing, editing, and adding effects. Genelec stereo monitors and an additional Genelec 5.1 surround sound system allow us to work with the utmost precision. A huge selection of outboard hardware and plugins aid in the creation of the desired sound.

Our recording booth features some of the best equipment from top-notch manufacturers. We have microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Rode, Shure, DPA, Altec, Electro-Voice, RCA, Heil and more. These paired with our collection of pre-amps from Avalon, Focusrite, Solid State Logic, & Symetrix are sure to capture the highest quality sound you could imagine. With our monitoring system, feedback to the talent can be given directly from the director/producer sitting in the control room.

The Fairlight Xynergi was designed with sound-for-picture in mind. While scrubbing through a video track, we can edit up to 96-channels of audio in sync with picture. Advanced ADR and foley tools allow artists to re-record any content while matching exactly what is on screen. Our calibrated surround system allows us to mix in an accurate 5.1 environment adding entirely new dimensions to existing audio. If you want to enhance your picture with music we have relationships with original composers and the biggest libraries like Extreme Music, APM, Megatrax, Killer Tracks, DeWolfe, and more. We’ve spent decades assembling our library of hundreds of thousands of sound effects, and the Fairlight Audiobase software offers unprecedented access and selection tools. Already have a project at video-lock? Bring it to us with an OMF, EDL, or XML and your work will appear as you saved it natively in our console.